Thursday, May 29, 2008

West Nile Time Trial

Tonight was my second TT of the year, it was out on the Phelpston loop again. The last time we were out there it was cold rainy and a strong southeast wind. It Basically the exact opposite as tonight’s conditions. Nice sunny, and a lighter northwest wind. The funny part was we had 14 riders out on the crappy night but only 9 out tonight. (As a side note, I’m watching lost right now, and I can’t believe it just gets better and better. I almost gave up on this show in the second season. I’m really glad I didn’t) back to the TT. (Like seriously, this is fracking awesome)
My game plan for tonight was too head out at a conservative pace into the headwind keeping my legs turning over 100 rpm. Once I made the second turn at the halfway point and turn into the tailwind, I stuck it in my 53 11 and did my best Jan Ullrich impression, and brought my average wattage up another 30 watts for the final 7.5 km. I finished with a time of 22:18, which was 1:46 faster than my previous time on that course. Granted I did push more watts, on a faster bike, but I still think the conditions were faster. It seemed like everyone was about a minute faster. It was fast enough to lock up first with Kyle Fry second and Keith Columbus third.

Im pretty happy with the ride also because I set new wattage pr’s for 5 10 and 20 mins. I feel pretty good heading into this weekend. The title refers to the insane amount of mosquitoes.(see picture) I had to drive with all my windows down to try and blow them out. Well I have to get up early and head to the airport so ill leave it at that.

"your going to be a quarter century old"

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RickyFederau said...

good luck in hardwood. tear it up!