Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Post Bromont

Well Sunday greeted us with warm temperatures and sun. So the team decided to ride into granby on the paved rail trail trail for a sit down coffee. The ride was also to double as a recovery ride, which was good cause my legs were toast from Saturdays hill workout.
It turns out I rode way to hard on Saturday cause I quickly found myself riding at the back and being pushed back on by Mike Mitchnick. The post coffee pace wasn’t bad and my legs actually started to come around near the end. We finished the day with a trip over to watch the Downhill, where again I was dropped while hiking up the hill to the DH.

If you looked up Bromont Weather in the dictionary Monday would be it. Cold, cloudy and rainy. We developed the theory that they built a track here as a rain collector. The team split into three groups for the days ride, one worked solely on the technical riding which was aided by the rain. Another was a climbing/exploring group. The third was a steady training pace with a some good climbs and descents. I hooked into the third group with LJ, Fry, and Hughes. It was great to have some people to ride with in the rain. Zach led up the climbs with LJ bombing the DH’s. I was always in the middle it seemed like.

The afternoon was spent cleaning and relaxing with a few movies being watched. We went to sleep hoping we could get on the track Tuesday morning.

Well surprise surprise the track was too wet to ride. So we packed up and headed to a slightly different type of track. The Granby go kart track. And these weren’t no sissy wasaga beach karts. These were pretty close to the real deal. Powerful brakes and fast motors. With money on the line the entire project of 17 people headed out for a 20 min free for all. Groups quickly formed I found myself with preston wagler for most of it. There were some spectacular crashes which left the track littered with spun karts and tires. Myself and Preston battled for about 5 laps with his Brother Tyson coming in do a little shake and bake. But he quickly found himself sideways and it was back to me and Preston. We traded paint in a few corners coming into the final couple laps things really heated up with Preston driving me into the inner tire barriers on a left hand corner. I remembered the PIT maneuver and in a move my Brother would be proud of, I tapped the brake, which brought his rear wheel to my front, and I turned right as hard as I could and hit the gas. A beautiful spin insued and I was left to bask in my glory.

Fastest time went to Jacob, with me in second, Kyle fry had a smoking time of 10 seconds faster than anybody else, but later analysis showed he cut the course and was later dq’d……again.

Im currently in the van with the team heading to Tremblant for my 10th race. Maybe I can repeat my first win here ten years ago?

"Can we stop for food"

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good luck Andrew, we all know you can win it!