Saturday, May 3, 2008

First TT of the season

Well this past Thursday was the first club TT of the season, the weather wasn’t great it was windy and drizzly and dark and cloudy and windy. Usually these conditions keep some riders indoors so it was nice to be there and see 14 riders out for it. We were testing out a new course up Phelpston way which is nice for me cause its a lot closer than the oro course. Instead of an out and back it was a loop with four corners. It was nice not having to do a 180 on a narrow road. But it made for a tough ride since it felt like I was fighting the wind on all but one stretch of road. I was last to start, and my minute man was Shane. I started out at a good clip and by the second corner about halfway I did a time check and had put 10 seconds into him. Another nice thing about corners is its easy to do time checks. The third section of road was tough, slight uphill, rough pavement, and a good crosswind. I was pushing hard to break 30 kph. Then we turned onto crossland road for the final stretch of road south to the finish. Usually the wind would be strong from the north but today it was from the south and made for a grind right to the finish. By the last corner I knew I had put about 30 seconds into Shaner and I came across the line in 24:04. Yup that was a tough 15 km. At the wattage I pushed I can usually go under 22 easy on the 15/16 course we do. But I’m looking forward to going back and bettering that time, a nice northwest wind would cut some time off for sure.

Tonight (sat) I’m a guest speaker at the OCA cadet camp. Which I am kinda nervous about. I’m not good speaker no not me am. I did something similar a couple years ago for HH devo and it was a disaster along the lines of Brittany Spears last performance. So hopefully tonight goes better, I have some cheat sheets and a little better idea of what they want me to talk about. I hope they know ill be missing battlestar to talk to them, they better appreciate it.

This afternoon im spending some time working on my sewing skills as i change my large leaders jersey into a small for the upcoming o-cup.

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