Wednesday, May 28, 2008

early week

Its been a fairly relaxing couple days back home. Monday was spent mostly unpacking and cleaning up from the saturdays race. I also redid the cables on the MTB, with a new special rear shifter housing routing.Which has turned out much better I then headed out for a couple hours on my fixie on some flat to rolling roads to give my legs some different cadences. Monday evening was capped off with a solid singlespeed ride out in midhurst which of course it rained for. There were a few rule violations with warnings being givin out to riders for using gears on their bikes.

Tuesday morning I continued the unpacking process, which is still unfinsihed. Followed by a bike/car wash party. And i also got my bike ready for the tuesday nighter. At 6:00 i headed over to sunnidale park for the ride, there wasn't the turnout i was hoping for but its a lot nicer riding with anybody when the weather isn't all that nice. After getting yelled at for riding at 26 km/hr on the front, i pulled off and let some others control the pace, funny enough it went up to 50 shortly after. After the first sign sprint,(which i led Fry out for the win) i looked back and noticed Larry and Tracy weren't there and turned around and rode back to the 7th. When i didn't see them i figured they wen't straight down the 7th to lakeshore. So i turned around and rode solo back into Barrie. When i got there Tracy was at second cup, he asked me if i saw Larry, i followed with "i thought he was with you". Turns out tracey snapped his rear mech off and had to call a friend for a ride back to town. Larry waited with him then was about a concession behind me all the way in. So not my favourite tuesday night ride i've ever done.

I had a few more things to do to my epic to get it ready for this weekend. Fry stopped by this morning to lend me his xtr crank tool, so i could switch my rings off. But i had to run to canadian tire to get a L t-30 socket cause my t-handle didn't have enough leverage to get the granny bolts off. While searching around i found a great deal on a whole whack of allen keys and torque wrenches in a kit. So of course i bought that. Well lets just say 24 minutes after buying the tools i was back in line at c-tire getting a refund cause the t-30 broke in half the second i tried to use it. I think it was made from aluminum. After procuring some more hardened tools i finally got my bike dialed for a test ride. So i headed out for a mtb training ride.....yes thats right i went out on a training ride off road on my MTB. You can breath again. I know i was shocked at myself. It was a good ride and i think i might try to do a little more this summer.

Up next is the clash of the titans 1.0. The 15 km bi weekly TT with be host for the watson vs fry eddy mercks style show down. Then the Manitoba team is flying in friday morning, so ill be shooting down to the airport to pick them up before presumably heading out to see sundays course.

until then

"When you come to a fork in the road, take it."
Yogi Berra


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