Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring Awenda Ride

Yesterday(sunday13th) i headed up to Awenda provincial park for a long endurance ride. This was the first time i did the ride solo, i've done it a few times with the club. Somehow i only took one wrong turn. The ride up past penetang took a little more time than expected, i was hoping 3 hours but with the long uphill grades, and steady headwind it was closer to 4. I think my average speed was around 20-21 kph. The ride back was a little nicer i just hopped on crossland rode and i was soft pedalling at over 40 so i got home in no time.

View of blue mountain from Tiny Beaches road, come july the scenery in this picture would be breathtaking.

In Awenda , still lots of snow but the road was perfect.

Blue mountain in the distance about halfway up. (pics are in reverse order)

"the olympics are not to be used politically"
(I think it took me about 20 mins to stop laughing)

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