Monday, December 29, 2008

A couple reviews

With 2008 coming to an end and the big guns coming out, i have a couple reviews for Marley and Me, and Valkyrie.

First up, i found myself in a packed theater on xmas day, i guess i wasn't the only one not celebrating christmas, for opening day of Marley and Me. I was informed of the ending from someone who read the book, so i new it might be a rough film to watch. The film bounces around a bit, but is mostly about the ME, and not so much about Marley. Owen wilson does a great job, not sure if i can say the same about Aniston. Overall its not a great film, and if your not a dog person or animal person it will probably not have much impact. But if you happen to have your own "worlds worst lab" at home it kicks you in the gut a few times. By the end i am dead serious when i say there wasn't a dry eye in the crowd, 250lb tattoed tough guys were shielding there eyes as they left the theatre. I'm glad i saw the film, but i'll probably never watch it ever again.

Next up World War 2 suspense thriller, Valkyrie, now i don't want to give to much of the plot away. But basically its about an assasination attempt on Adolf Hitler. (i won't tell you if they are succesful) I really enjoyed the film. Very well done, well acted, well directed, and i actually didn't mind Cruise in the lead role. He did a good job, but he was out of place next to a great cast of british actors.(with british accents, which was a bit odd as they were all playing german officers)

stay tuned for more reviews,

oh and i went for a ride today, it was cold and windy but the roads were clear which was nice. \

"Why are you laughing"

"Because im immature"

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Last day of fall

Today was the last day of "fall" so i guess we'll start getting some winter weather now. I've been home for a couple days now from winnipeg. The trip started with a Westjet owner grilling me about why i was going to winnipeg. Kylie and I had a good time, mainly inside cause every time we went outside in the -45 wind chill it was like getting punched in the face. We saw a couple movies that aren't worth the electricity it takes to type these words. Got a little shopping done too at the fine winnipeg malls. One night we hit up a starbucks, and had two of the worst drinks ever. A eggnog latte and and ginger latte both were horrible. Maybe cause the Baristas were 14 years old and have no idea what a goo coffee tastes like.

We got a nice snowfall last night so the ski trails should be in good shape for the next week or so.

I was reminded today why i usually have my christmas shopping done in november. I had a few last minute things to pick up, which obviosuly had me heading to walmart. It was insane, people with three things in a cart getting upset they can't move anywhere. I saw a lady just going nuts on people, i was able to just slide past the maze of carts with ease. Then i went to chapters, a much freindlier atmosphere but the line almost circled the store, which i didn't wait in, ill hit it up early monday morning.

The family is coming over tommorow (yes the 21st) for christmas dinner. Should be good.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

3rd annual cold weather endurance training

Well for the past few years ive been heading to the Arctic. And again i find myself packing for winter. The weather forcast for toronto for the next week is decent bouncing around 0. Winnipeg -25, i always come home with a heathly respect of our moderate climate here in the GTA.

Have you ever seen cool runnings when the jamaicans land in Calgary and put on every piece of clothing they have. Yup thats what ill look like tonight.

Winnipegers are a tough people. Its not all fun and games however as i will be sitting down with my Coach going over my training plan for the year ahead.

If anything exciting happens out there ill update, like if i see a polar bear walking down Portage avenue.

"In Burma, did you ever catch the Bandit in the forest?"

"Oh, Yes"


"We burnt the forrest down"

My favourite line from a film this year.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Australia....well green screen with some outback drawn in

As the cycling season, at least the racing part, comes to an end. I’ll be adding a few of my signature film reviews on here.

December is looking like it will be a busy month with most of the Oscar worthy films coming out within a few days of each other. At the end of the month, Revolutionary Road, Valkyrie, The Wrestler, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, And Doubt all come out. These will most likely take home 95% of the Oscar take come February 22nd.

Tonight I went to see an early contender release, Australia. Now in the interest of full disclosure, I’m not one to pander to a high budget movie, with big actors just for those reasons. So if my review sounds a little harsh its cause I do hold these films up to a slightly higher standard.
Looking back last years best Pic, No country for old men. I see the perfect example of a lower budget film doing great things. You don’t need to have a huge budget to make an oscar winner. But if you have that big budget you should use it wisely.
So as you can already guess I was disappointed in Australia. It could have been great. It should have been great. But it wasn’t.

The effects were something out of a low budget action flick. I was expecting to see some real Australian outback scenes. I was very disappointed in the large amount of CGI and Green screen used. There were a couple great scenes with cliffs, stampeding bulls, but it was so fake I almost laughed. I think way to much money when into kidmans bank account than into some well layed out real action sequences.

The First 30minutes(of 164) were horrible, cheesy, I almost walked out it was that painful to watch. Luckily the story did get better and I was able to stick with it. And I will say the story was great.

Kidman was way over the top, I know they wanted to stick with an Australian cast, but if that was the case I believe Naomi Watts could have done a way better job. The lead male role was filled by none other than Wolverine, Hugh Jackman. In what I believe was his first real dramatic role.

Overall, it really fell short of what it could have been. Probably the worst "good" movie I’ve seen in years. They were really trying for a dances with wolves type epic. It wasn’t even close.

I think this leaves the Best Picture category still pretty much wide open, It may still get a nod and may still squeak in for the win. But not a shoe in like some other people are saying.

"3 hours of my life I will never get back"
What I said to myself

Monday, December 1, 2008

The way i see it

Now I don’t pretend to be an expert on the parliamentary system in Canada. So if I am wrong on anything please let me know. I’ve got some real beefs with what’s going on in Ottawa right now. First off I want to make clear I did not vote for the Conservatives. And I don’t necessarily want to defend Harper. But the Canadian people voted Harper and his government into office. Period. If that was a good thing or not is besides the point. He was voted in using our electoral system. Does the system need some work? Yes. I am a supporter of a proportional government. (you can probably figure out who I voted for) But the fact is, that’s the not the way it is.

Maybe what the liberals and NDP are doing is the best thing for Canada, I’m not saying its not. (actually it probably would be good) what bugs me is the people (Canadians) voted one way. And a few people in Ottawa are getting together and telling the Canadian people what they really want. Like we are a bunch of children who don’t know what we want.

And as I understand it comes down to a single person, ONE person will decide what happens, The governor-general. There will be a vote on December 8th a "non confidence" vote. If the house does vote that way. Harper can ask for a election, or the Governor General can choose to accept the coalition government and place Stephan Dion into the Prime Ministers seat. Basically it comes down to a SINGLE person deciding who’s in charge of our democracy.

Did anyone see Star Wars episode 1? Didn’t work out to well for them when Palpatine was placed in power with a non-confidence vote. Didn’t Caesar come into power in a similar situation?
Again, if I’m missing anything, please let me know. I could be.
This is how I see it turning out.

The conservatives are ousted and Dion becomes PM. A couple months go by until the "Coalition" falls apart, and we are back to square one with a non-working government. An election is called, a conservative minority is voted back in and boom a year is wasted for the sake of politically grandstanding.

The Canadian People voted for a Conservative Government and with that, Harper as Prime Minister. Period.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thats it folks

Its looking like im calling it a season. Thanks to all of those that voted, other than the 12-8 in favour of racing. All other signs point to pack it in, and my coach telling me to call it. So as president and CEO and CFO of AWI racing im veto'ing the vote.

It's been a good season, Starting with Paris to Ancaster, and finishing With CX provincials. I hope to have a season wrap up soon.

I went for a good ski today at Horseshoe, after waiting for an 1 hour in line to buy my seasons pass. The skiing at Horseshoe was great, the terrain really lends itself to the long steady skis i do in the winter.

"So when does spring training camp start?"

"Monday, december 1st"

.........i wish i was a baseball player

Your call

So i can't come to a decision about racing tommorow at the last cx race of the year, so its your call, there is a poll on the right side of this, for "race" or "chill" its your call.

"I'm just going to look at T.V.'s im not going to buy anything"

Friday, November 28, 2008

what grinds my gears

You know what grinds my gears....

1) Canadian politics, no wonder we are basically a joke to the rest of the world So we just had a federal election which the conservatives won. Now former PM Jean Chretien and a former NDP leader are getting together to form a "coalition". So they can control the house and all the decisions. what??? why do we even have elections, the people(not me) voted in the conservatives. Canadians(or the 40% of which actually voted) want a conservative government. But the liberals and the NDP want to take control. Isn't that like a hostile takeover or a coup d'etat.

1.1)I have a few beefs with Harper, but i don't know if any goverment could pull us out of whatever we're facing. Flaherty probably has one of the toughest jobs in the world. Make the Canadian people believe Canadian government can actually do anything. When in realty the Americans (bush) led the world into this mess, and even 700 billion isn't going to be enough to get it out. Whats a couple billion going to do for canada? Nothing, the Americans have to lead the way out. You can't have a strong Canada with a Weak america it just won't work. Its all just politcal grandstanding.

2) know who you are....

3) The new young driver laws. I personally think that zero alcohol tolerance should be enforced for every driver. I don't know the difference between a 19 year old drinking and driving and a 21 year old drinking and driving. Like all of a sudden boom, you can drink and drive when you turn a certain age. Actually i think if the government really wanted to crack down, zero tolerance across the board, if you get caught drinking and driving boom, license suspension for a year. 2nd offense boom 5 years. 3rd....get a lifetime bus pass. And don't give me any bull about "but a person has to get to work, thats a little harsh" Its a little harsh when your driving home from work late at night to your family and you get smoked by a drunk driver. When I got my license i was told, driving is a privelege not a right. Somewhere along the road that gets lost with lawyers and judges.

3.1) The new law prohibiting first year g2 drivers to 1 teenage passenger. I think this would cause more problems than it would solve. Just read all the facebook comments and i agree with about 90 % of them. When i asked a certain police officer i know about it, he just rolled his eyes and said how the hell am i supposed to enforce that. So i think at the end of the day, theres probably only about 2 cops (o.p.p. probably) in the province who would really give a ticket to a young driver driving a few of his freinds to many cops give tickets to kids for riding bikes with no helmets??

4) Snowplow drivers, let me just say i know this is a tough dangerous thankless job. But we must have a new plow driver this year cause he(or she) miss our driveway by another foot everytime he (she) makes a pass. Basically making our driveway longer, im out there snowblowing half the road. Our two car driveway is now a three car driveway. Basically all the streets in the neighboor hood are about 10 feet narrower than they should be. And its not even December. which brings me to my next point

5) Al Gore.

......i think thats pretty much it for this rant. I'm currently sitting right on the fence about racing this Sunday, im thinking of going to spectate and try for the fan of the year award, which is currently jointly held by Erik Box and Cliff from the HUB/devinci team.

"Every teenager is a horrible horrible driver and they should all be punished for being teenagers" im paraphrasing

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Almost wrapped up

One more race, one more, just one, then im done for the year. Starting to feel the season a bit in my legs.

It looks like winter is settling in. Went for another snowshoe today.

Hancock, came out today on DVD, my #2 movie of the year. Though most critics don't agree with me.

In December im heading to winnipeg for a week of cold weather endurance training.

I hope to get out on my skiis soon,

"that is all"

Monday, November 17, 2008

hat trick

I went to bed wondering if we would be able to get out of the driveway let alone get down the 400 to the magical snow wall that is hwy 89. With a malfunctioning snow blower it was up to my huge amount of brute force to clear just enough room to get the van out of the driveway. We made it the 400 and made a deal that if it wasn’t any better by the time we got to 89, we would turn back. I really wanted to make the race but I didn’t want to end up in the ditch with the other cars we saw. Sure enough we passed into sunlight by the marsh and were quickly on the way to Port Hope.

We arrived just after the 11:30 race started so I grabbed my camera to take some photos of the many racers. I quickly realized there was only about 20 people out on the course. And after a quick survey there didn’t seem to me many people gearing up for the 1 p.m. race. I walked a bit of the course and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, like two years ago. I geared up including some secret weapons in my shoes. I warmed up on my spare bike to keep my main bike as clean as possible, not that it would really matter. The course was pretty much the definition of a pancake, which featured a beach run along lake Ontario. A set of stairs and a couple puddles. We lined up as instructed behind the master 1 group. Not sure exactly why the commisaire had us do that. They started out and we had 30 seconds to get ready for our start. The start was pretty quick, I was able to snatch the wholeshot onto the beach run with Scott Kelly on my wheel. And Guy right behind him, riding file tread tires. I was pretty keen to real in the masters, so I put in some hard efforts which distanced me from the seniors and I started picking off riders. By the end of the second lap I was had caught everyone but Dermont and Ingram, I was riding with Dermont at a good pace while Ted was nowhere to be seen and I started to have flashbacks to him riding away at Crank the Shield. The race was about two things, putting down large amounts of power to ride through the soft sections, and not breaking anything on your bike. With that kind of mud and debris its easy to snap a derailleur or snap a chain. The key is to stick it in a gear and don’t shift until you know you can with little power on the pedals.

I reeled in Ingram, and carried on just riding my own race, it was a my race to loose and I just tried to stay smooth and out of trouble. We got a little bit of everything during the race, hail, snow, rain, it made it an epic fun course. I got heckled pretty good for running a few sections but I managed to get to the finish line in 1st taking my first Cross Hat-trick, and pretty much locking up the overall tittle. Mathematically Morse or Box could still win but one of them would have to win the next two races and I couldn’t score any more than 3 points.

I think the total race turnout was one of the lowest in years at just under 70. Too bad for a great course, and organizer. They had free hot chocolate and coffee. When I asked for a hot beverage Mrs. Winn gave me the kettle and told me to fill it up outside. I got kinda worried thinking she meant fill it up in the Lake, After I asked "what exactly do you mean outside" I was relieved when she pointed to a water jug on the porch.

After washing off in lake ontario, I picked up my hand made toque and loaded up the van for the drive home.

This morning I woke up and started the long driveway cleanup. I started to shovel the end of the driveway but it would have take a couple hours by hand so I got my hands dirty and started surgery on the snowblower. I somehow was able to take it apart put it back together and it worked. Even with the blower it took a while.

Tonight the monday night ride has been converted to a night snowshoe. Well im not going to attempt to ride. I also ordered up a new light system, its basically a mini sun, with a nuclear power source. Too bad I don’t think I’ll be using it this year.

"I wont say how much weight I had on the bar, but lets just say the girls on the treadmill weren’t laughing at my tan lines"
Kyle Fry

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Looking a bit like winter

So im sitting here looking out my window as the snow falls. Still waiting for Global Warming to kick in. The past few days have been good, i've gotten out on the cross bike and singlespeed. I've also discovered somebody has been building some singletrack in the bluffs. With the cities permission im sure. Its not bad, a few tight uphill corners which i don't think will ever be rideable, but it needs to be ridden in a bit too.

Today i went down to the Trek Store for some cables, i ended up just loitering for a few hours. Though i did manage to plug the BCC as a young lady was asking about it. She seemed really enthusiastic so i hope i see her next year riding with the club.

I'm hoping the weather holds off for a couple more weeks, i'd like to be able to ride right till CX finals at the end of the month. I think i have a realy good shot at my third overall title. Last year i made the mistake of snowshoeing for the couple days before provincials and for some reason i felt like crap.

My bag is packed and my bikes are ready to get demolished again tommorow at the Port Hope cross race. Its held at the US Collegiate champ, Zach Winn, property right on lake ontario.

I should have some photos and report up tommorow evening.

"Buy my Epic"

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So i had a long ride scheduled for today, as i was finishing up cold, tired, hungry, grumpy...... i came through barrie's waterfront construction. What a clusterf#$k seriously this city is retarded sometimes. Luckily i was stopped behind a city bus so the exhaust keep me warm as i waited.

Then i get home and I'm told someone is coming through to look at the house (which is for sale if your interested) and i have bug out with the dog. I was still pretty hungary so i stopped at timmy's for basically the only thing i will consume from them, their Chili. I park the car and opened up the chili and its all runny, its the second time i've had tim's chili and its been like that. If this becomes a trend ill be pissed, It used to be rich and chunky, no its more like soup. Not happy.

But then me and the Starbuck had a good walk, and she was happy so that made me happy.

"How can we make the biggest traffic mess ever downtown?"

"I'm not sure but i'm sure we can do it"
City planner meeting

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Productive Forward Motion

Today I headed down the 400 for the second UCI C1 race at Centennial. After some less than ideal races at Hardwood and yesterday on the F1 course (im pretty anti F1 im a way bigger nascar fan, dry, fast and lots of turning left) Todays course featured lots o climbing up the ski hill side. I’ve raced this side of the hill a few times but never with this much climbing. Midweek really outdid themselves with making two very distinct courses.

I did a few warmup laps, skipping the hill on a few of them to stay on the flats. I was having good sensations warming up. I stopped in the pit a few times to chat with various people including Kyle Fry who said he was having problems with his Chrysler. I told him to stick with japanese, like a Mazda 3, Way more reliable. Anyway I rolled to start line hearing some grumbling of some out of province riders about the ski hill. I also felt my ears burning a little. I lined up third row again and had a decent start, a little better than yesterday. The start was a little more sensible too with a slight .5% grade and headwind the speeds were a little more in check.

I came into the barriers in the late teens, and settled into a group with Steve Tilford, The younger brother I never had Mark Batty, St john and few others. The race started to splinter into little groups and I wanted to keep moving forward so I made some passes. I supposedly crashed on my head, but I don’t remember ever falling not sure what’s up with that. I rode up to Molly Cameron and Osmond Bakker, not wanting to settle in too much I went by and continued riding smoothly and picking off fading guys every lap. I rode the downhills conservatively and used the flats to recover while using the climbs to gain time. I rode up to Mike Garrigan, and using my highly tuned Jedi mind techniques I made his chain snap just as I got on his wheel.

I found myself in the top ten with a few laps to go. I was holding my own and not losing anytime to the US riders in front of me but just couldn’t ride up to them. I rode into 6th place and with two laps to go I was trying to reel in Matt Shriver, but just couldn’t close it down and rolled through just off the all american podium.

Even so, looking at the results I am quite please with my lap times, and wonder what could have been if I had a better start position, maybe next year ill travel to a few more UCI races.

I want to send out a get well soon to Erik Box, who crashed hard yesterday. I look forward to dueling right to the end of the season with him for the Ontario Overall title.

I have to thank my AWI fan club Shane and Robb. My tireless pit crew Kevin Haviland, and Matt Paziuk(an elite rider himself). Norco performance bicycles for building an awesome cross bike. And Don Gain who lent me some sick Carbon wheels to use for the weekend. And to my driver Maria Watson, who always gets me to races on time(even if she drives over every curb she sees)

I can also announce officialy that i will be riding for Norco Bicycles in 2009. not really a surprise but my people and their people just finalized a deal.

"so do you guys like punishing yourselves in ontario?"

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Exactly to plan,

So like I said in my previous post I had a plan, break the race into quarters (4 of them) . That’s exactly what I did. I spent ¼ of the time riding sideways, ¼ of the time sliding on my ass, ¼ of the time learning what 1 step forward 2 steps back really means , ¼ of the time riding the wrong way.

The race had some gong show moments even before the race started, about 5 minutes till race start, the commisairses decided they wanted to start measuring our bikes like they were TT bikes. They did about 5 bikes and decided they would have an angry mob of 40 cold cyclists to deal with if we had to stand around anymore. The American riders were really impressed, which someone shouted "blame Obama" too. Just before Tim Johnson was called up he went up to pet my dog, I was hoping starbuck would bit his hand hard enough so he couldn’t brake. She didn't and just licked him instead. Back to the race, I got a decent callup third row. The start was pretty much insane with 40 guys riding 45 kph into a left hand corner, with half the guys on alloy wheels which when wet don’t brake well, and the other half on carbon wheels which basically don’t work at all. There was bound to be trouble and it found Erix Box and a few others as they went down hard right behind me. This was followed by a right hander which saw about 4 riders go down in a heap, Including Kyle Fry pull out an impressive 180. I was able to sneak past on the left and found myself in a good position, I could actually see the red, white and blue of Johnson. We hit the first run up which was quickly followed by a slippery left hander. I did not negotiate this corner with much grace and found myself on my ass, as I remounted I put the power down, and I felt really fast cause my rpm went to 200 with no effort. My excitement turned to disappointment when I realized my chain was off, I tried for a second to get it back on but with my chain watcher it was slightly jammed so I hoofed it to the pit and slid quickly back to the bottom 5 or 6 riders.

I took a quick handoff from Havy, with Kyle Douglas catching my Norco, in what was a pretty smooth bike exchange considering it was my first time with assistance. While Havy fixed my A bike I continued on with my slippery sliding falling adventures. I got back on my Norco and it was all good. I tried my best to be smooth and slowly real people in, but whenever I gained a few seconds back I would slip up and fall or go through the tape or back the power off cause my rear wheel was beside me. After I almost took out two photographers, hit another rider head on, blew through a couple hundred feet of tape I decided to back it off a bit and save my legs for tomorrow.

I settled into a bit of a groove, but then I quickly realized I was going to be lapped so I picked it up again to ensure I finished the entire race. I ended up 24th out of 45(ish) starters.

Today was a huge learning experience, it doesn’t matter how good you feel it doesn’t mean your going to have a good race. My legs felt awesome, I don’t even feel like I raced, but I couldn’t translate that into productive forward motion. Something to work on.

Friday, November 7, 2008

a quick update

I was third at the Barrie Cross race on sunday. It was hard.

Monday i was still feeling not well but i tried to go out for a tempo ride. it didn't go well and i turned back early.

On Tuesday i went to the Tuesday night ride for the nicest night of the year almost. I was the only one to show up so i called it a night and went home to watch the election coverage. At 11:00 p.m. i was informed by John Stewart and Stephen Colbert that everything was going to be ok.

Wednesday i woke up to a beautiful morning and went for a ride. Then went out for dinner to Boston Pizza.

Thursday i went out for a prescribed 3 hour ride. And was amazed by the amount of cops i saw on shanty bay road.

today i finished my prep work for the TO cross races this weekend. They will be tough starting from the back, but i have a written plan, i basically broke the race into 4 quarters but i can't give anymore detail than that. Unless you pay for my coaching services, then i let you know the strategy.

stay tuned...... I may be able to officialy announce some team plans for next year. (its a huge surprise)


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kelso day 2

Kelso Day 2
I arrived again in time to watch the start of the 11:30 race. Which again had some great racing. I’m sure the 10:30 start does too I just need too much sleep to get up that early. The course was guaranteed to be dryer even if it rained the course was mainly on high ground which drained well. The course is very well balanced with a little bit of everything, sand, pavement, power sections two run ups, a great all around course.
The start narrowed a bit at first and had two little chicanes so I wanted to get a good position. It worked out that I ended up leading for the first couple hundred meters. Until the first set of double barriers when Nathan passed me. I wasn’t sure how my legs were going to feel and I was also riding brand new tubulars that I hadn’t ridden before and wanted to get used to them. After the first run up, I was shuffled back into the back of a group of 6. Nathan and Box opened up a bit of a gap to Hines, Jette, Morse and myself. At the top of the first run up I made a couple passes and started to close the gap to the leaders. By the time we hit the paved downhill to the beach I was on there wheel. Which I quickly stopped following when nathan went wide up a bank, and Box ended up going wide too and had to hop the tape.(which was vary impressive) I moved into the lead going onto the beach and came out with a bit of a gap. That’s when I punched it to open it up. From there I was able to comfortably ride my own pace, which was interrupted when the organizer egged me on to ride up the first "unrideable" run up. I somehow managed to ride it, probably losing ten seconds. But it was well worth it. I was able to hold my lead and open it up a little each lap, to cross the line first to take the days win and the overall weekend.

I have a couple good quotes.

"That was the biggest waste of energy in a race ever"
Tim, the organizer over the megaphone.

"Is Stafford warming up for the senior race"?
"I really hope not?"
Both anonymous.

"Sorry about the sand…..Box"
or "sorry about the sandbox" not really sure which

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kelso Day 1

Today, was the first of two cross races at Kelso this year. We arrived in time to watch the start of the 11:30 race which was full of tight races. Also I found out BCC racer Mark Gray won the M3 race. The cadet junior race provided some great racing some nice spills to capture on camera. The course was slick in most places and downright muddy in others.

We lined up and admired a few of the costumes being worn, like Peter Mogg dressed as the Master A national champ, Rod Oliver well, he just didn’t change from Friday night, Batman, and the Mummy also made appearances. I wasn’t sure of either my riding or my legs after taking a week off the bike to rest my achilles. So I started off conservatively keeping my power down and keep upright the best I could. Nathan took off on the first lap and opened up a commanding lead. Erik, Hines, Morse and myself tussled around for a lap. I was getting comfortable on the slick course, and used an off camber section to pass Erik on the inside, almost crashing out but I managed to keep it up and rode up to Hines who slid out on a corner at the end of the second lap. Which left me in 2nd with a slight gap. While coming through the lap I noticed Nathan switching bike, which I later learned was due to a puncture. It allowed me to catch him and I was able to pass him on the flat muddy power section, leading into the one (big) climb. I opened up a good gap as Nathan struggled on his spare bike. I was able to settle into my own pace which was nice cause the course very tough especially the first half which left the second half for recovery. I was able to open the gap up a little each lap, which was good cause if I need to do a bike change it would have affected my lap times to jump on my C bike.(equipped with lights and all) Bretton Matthews rode my Jake again in the 11:30 race and it was a little muddy so I opted to use my back up backup bike. Once I hit the top of the climb on the last lap I just relaxed and rode in, the last couple laps really took their toll on my legs and I even walked over the last set of barriers.

Tommorow looks like it will be more of the same, we’ll see how the legs feel, but im looking forward to it.

i really can't think of anything

Sunday, October 19, 2008

East vs South? Showdown

Today we loaded up for the 3+ hour drive to kingston for what was supposed to be a cross battle of epic proportions with racers from both the Ottawa cross series and the Southern Ontario series. I learned something today, this time of year the sun doesn’t come up till after 7. With my mom doing 130+ all the way(hey gas is practically free now so why not use it) we arrived in no time to watch the first race go off at 10:30. Walking around I didn’t see to many southerners but I was excited about the course. It looked really well laid out with plenty of technical features. Including three run ups, and four dismounts where if have the skills to dismount on your right hand side you could gain considerable time through each lap. (I do not posses these skills as I found out in my warmup) When the first race finished we were supposed to be able to register. And the organizers were very clear in there releases "do not show up 20 mins before your race and expect to start" Well I guess this didn’t apply to them cause they didn’t open registration(to the southerners, the ottawa guys were out warming up on the course) till 22 mins before our start. Luckily for them there weren’t too many racers from the GTA. I was able to get one lap in on the longish 8 min course. I was very impressed.

My first mistake was not being more aggressive lining up and was second row to the side. We started and my legs felt good but the start was chaos. I stayed out of trouble and found myself sitting about 10 guys back I made a couple passes and moved up to the top five, which I quickly lost cause I was stupid and rode the actual course that was flagged. I opened up some cans of you know what, and rode into third place by the end of the first lap. I found myself about 15-20 seconds behind Osmand Bakker and Derrick St John. Which would pretty much hold for the rest of the race. About halfway through I started to make a little bit of ground but a girl crashed on the stairs right in front of me pretty hard and 1, her bike took up the whole staircase and 2, I was pretty scared she really hurt herself. I stopped and lifted her bike off her and made sure she was breathing before I carried on. From that point on it was just holding onto third and hoping maybe the two leaders would start playing some games and slow down…. they didn’t and drilled it right to the finish. Osmond won St John was second and I rolled across for third.
I was pretty happy with the whole day, we stopped for some dinner on the way home. I also almost found myself in the middle of a little dispute over Tim Hortons line protocol. It was tense.
Up next Halloween cross stage race next weekend.

"Please show up with plenty of time to register"

"Excuse me, when will registration open up"
Me, very politely asking with 25 mins before the race started.

"When I get there"

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Media Rant,

K K K, so this has kinda been bugging me the past couple days. First before the election there was a little news story on the CBC about posting blog or facebook reports on local election results before polls on the other side of the country haven't closed yet. Because lawmakers don't want results in the maritimes to affect voters on the west coast. k makes sense.

The next report i saw after the election was talking about the low voter turnout. I find this very ironic the media would be surprised. Since for weeks before the election they were reporting the results of polls saying the conservatives would win a minority government by 8 points and say its accurate to 2 points. Well isn't that basically reporting the results of the election to the entire country before it even happend. Does anyone at CBC, Citynews, A news, ever think "hey maybe people will hear this poll result and think hey why should I vote, the conservatives are going to win" Seriously, if the media and lawmakers in canada actually cared about voter manipulation and getting more people out to elections they would stop broadcasting hyperaccurate polls to the public basically telling them how the election is going to go.

"voter turnout was the worst ever" f*&(cking think ?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Brewery to Brewery

Today i had the very special honour of being invited to the fourth annual brewery to brewery ride. I woke up early with anticipation to a beautiful july morning. 20 degrees, sun no wind. I headed down to the start point the Robert Simpson brewery. I was greeted by some familiar faces i haven't seen for a while, like retired elite cyclist turned firefighter Jamie Matheson. We headed out at 10 ish, which i think was closer to 10:20. Our destination was the Creemore springs brewery in you guessed it Creemore. Jeremy stole my route from last weeks ride to get us over there. Even with a longer than desired ride on hwy 90 we all made it in one piece. I do admit my ego was taken down a few notches when i missed not one but two sign sprints. Like didn't just lose i could have handled that, but missed they were coming up. Oh well, we arrived and had some samples. Well i had one sample as i was worried about my handling skills if i had more. Then headed across the street to a little restaurant for coffee and lunch. By this point we were all starting to get a nice sun burn. After blocking the sidewalk for an hour while we ate outside at our own sidewalk tables. We got back on our bikes for the tailwind ride back home. With my brain on full alert after an awesome grill cheese I took the downhill tailwind sprint from Scott and Jacob. Well Jacob had no chance cause he was riding a cross bike with a 46 tooth big ring. Then we settled into a nice rythem back down through glencairn and above Base Borden.

I was already at this point physching my self up for the big sprint of the day BARRIE. yup, we climbed up sunnidale and i played my cards just right with Jacob leading me out. At one point it was a full 9 person wide sprint. If only there was a photographer. Thankfully i think i was the only one riding a full size crankset with an 11tooth cog so i was able to take it.

Its rides like those that remind me why i enjoy cycling.

"Its June, right?"

Monday, October 6, 2008

Escarpment escapades

Ok, so the niagara escarpment isn’t the rockies but it does provide for some nice cycling opportunities. Saturday I loaded up the cx bikes to head up to highlands nordic, near Duntron to defend my hillbilly hustle title. Next to the Barrie cross race this is the next closest so it was nice to be able to just cruise over there. I arrived partway through the 11:30 race to watch the juniors/womens/m2 race. I leant my Kona to Bretton Mathews who wanted to give cross a try. It was neat to see someone else racing the legendary two tone Jake. He finished up a strong 3rd not too shabby for his first cross race. I offered to let him keep it for another day and race Sunday in Toronto, He politely said no thanks, one was enough for the weekend. Warming up on the course was fun, seeing the modifications to last years course making it a little more visible. We lined up and started out hard for a $200 prime, I think was an attempt to see if I would repeat my epic explosion on the second lap. I was pretty much redlined and couldn’t close up the gaps to Mike G over the power sections Erik and I rode through a few seconds back. We regrouped on the second lap, our positions changed a few times as we took different lines through the "boggy" sections. Also through a narrow semi singletrack section I think Erik thought I was going to T-bone him but I rode past his rear wheel with about an inch to spare. As we hit the run up for the second time, Erik was leading and dismounted while Mike attempted to hop the barrier only to land a bit off center and roll his front tire off. Mike switched bikes and Erik and him chased up to a few seconds of me. I was the last person who thought they wouldn’t catch. One lap I was about 10 seconds up then I was suddenly 45 seconds. That’s actually when I pinned it to really open it up fearing they were playing some mind games and one would launch a massive attack and ride up to me. The course also got pretty tacky especially the downhill switchback so I was able to corner with a lot of confidence on the Norco CCX 1. After nine laps I crossed the line to take my second win of the cross season. And most importantly retained the red jacket which is what really counts.

After a good nights sleep in the jacket I woke up to sun and got ready for a long hilly ride from Barrie back up to the same area as the race. I met up with Scott, Kevin and Robb at fred grant at 10 am. We headed out for an awesome 190km ride with about 2000 meters of climbing. First up after a 2.5 hour warmup we hit scenic caves road, I was kinda a jerk and told Kevin the climb was just past the first corner. He believed me and kinda blew up. We creasted the top and rode down the other side to Ravenna, to find it cold dark and ominous. Then looped back on Grey road 19, and to our pleasant surprise the Sun came out and the temperature was easily 5 degrees higher on this side of the escarpement. Next we headed back up pretty river road towards Rob Roy, easily the nicest climb I have done in Ontario long, pitch changes, quiet road. We stopped in Singhampton for some fuel. Then headed back down to warmer temperatures in Creemore. The rest of the ride was pretty uneventful until we were 25 minutes from home and almost all went down in a heap. I didn’t know until yesterday that two riders riding side by side could actually touch all four tires together. We made it back after 7 hours of riding, I drove Kevin home, it was the least I could do after misleading him.

After that I got cleaned up and headed out to see Nick and Norahs infinite playlist…..not to shabby, basically if you liked superbad and or Juno you’d like this.

"Half of what I say is bull"

"The other half is skewed"

"Guys where are we, do you think we are in Singhampton?" While standing under a big sign that says Singhampton.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mid week round up

Just sitting here getting ready to watch the Vice presidential debate. Im hoping Biden brings Palin down a couple notches. And i don't think McCain is allowed to stand beside her and talk for her, so she better be ready. I might flip by the Canadian Debate but seriously, 4 people yelling at Stephen Harper isn't exactly a debate.

Riding wise the past few days have been pretty good. Yesterday i did an awesome hilly 125+km ride, up Mt st louis, Moonstone, Horseshoe, basically every hilly road i could find i rode up. Today was an extended ride around base borden, which was topped off with a little rain just enough to make me feel tough when i finished. You know, all euro and stuff...

Tommorow ill probably head out on the road again for a few hours. Saturday theres a cx race up in Duntroon, followed Sunday by what might be shaping up to be a long group ride up to Scenic Caves road and back, which will be killer.

"I never really set out to be involved in public affairs, much less to run for this office" Palin
......Then why are you?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I woke up to heavy fog this morning and got everything together loaded up the van for the drive down to Guelph. Starbuck, my mom and I arrived just in time to watch the 11:30 race start. The new venue in Guelph looked small at first but the course was very well laid out to make good use of the terrain. The course featured a lot of technical turns some flat some off camber.

I was a little nervous lining up for my first CX race of the year with all the heavy (southern) Ontario hitters. I started out smart and just sat back a few wheels, and waited for the race to shake up a bit. Everybody was finding there lines through the many turns so there were a couple buzzing tires and quick passes. My first move of the race came on the first lap when we hit the first single barrier at the bottom of a long climb. Most riders opted to shoulder the bike and run all the way. I chose jump back on after the barrier and ride it. There was lots of traction, so the trick was making sure I was in a good gear and hitting my pedal on the first attempt as soon as I jumped on. It took a couple pedal strokes but once I got moving I was able gain a lot of ground and rode from 5th to 1st in no time. But its just as easy to loose time in cross as I learned in the next corner as I tried to pedal through it my foot hit the off camber ground and I found myself sliding sideways. KD and Box got by me thankfully without running me over and I was back in the mix. I was filtered back to 5th or 6th heading out onto the 2nd lap. Where I spent a few sections recovering waiting for the next move to come. Nathan clipped out coming out of a corner, which caused a bit of a break. As we hit the hill I was able to remount again and ride into the lead, this time holding onto it through the corners and down onto the flats. There was still 8 laps to go so I wasn’t sure if I could hold onto the lead. Mark Batty took up the chase but the rest of the field splintered which I think worked in my favour as a group wasn’t formed to drive it back up. I was able to put a couple seconds into Mark every lap and formed a nice cushion with about 4 laps to go. I settled into a nice pace and just tried to ride smart and not bail on one of the off camber corners or higher speed baseball diamond corners. I crossed the line in first, which I was well satisfied with. SRCC awards are always a hit with racers since they distribute Wellington to the top three.

Up next in 6 days is the Hillbilly Hustle, then a couple weeks off racing before the ottawa vs southern ontario showdown in Kingston

Quotes of the day
"Watson, I didn’t know you had a younger sister"
Scott Kelly

"Newman's first law: It is useless to put on your brakes when you're upside down."

Saturday, September 27, 2008

re tooling

So the past week I've spent getting back into a training rhythm. Monday and Tuesday were shorter rides culminating in the last tuesday night road ride. I was aiming for the win but Orrin beat me out, it was a feroucious sprint at about 12.5 kph. The last three days ive started to pile on some hours with some nice "LSD" rides. Each one a little longer than the previous.

I've also been piecing together a new cross bike, built on a Norco CCX 1, I've finally "upgraded" to 10 speed. Still a single ring so it is truly a ten speed bike. All built up its 17.8 lbs, not bad considering its not exactly a light frameset. I took it out for a spin tonight, and its a nice ride. Stiff like a bike should be, and some nice ergonomic features like a flat top tube for nice shouldering. A big open triangle also for ease of flipping it onto the shoulder. Im looking forward to racing it tommorow at the my first CX race of the year in Guelph. I was planning on doing the squeezer....but im not getting into that.

The weather looks like it will turn a little nasty this week so it will be a good test of my motivation. ill keep you posted on future developments.

"Defending Hillbilly champ Andrew Watson put on a show last year winning the first lap preme and then blowing up, dropping deep into the field and then charging the last 20 minutes back to win"

.....thats putting it nicely

Monday, September 22, 2008

cts day 3

Day three was looked forward to by everyone as it was guaranteed to be dry(er). We also were able to sleep in a little bit, as the ride didn’t start till 9:30. The race organization ran into its first hitch this morning when we were greeted by one coffee maker with one pot for everyone. The line for the coffee was unbearable long. After a couple shots of weak coffee we got packed up and headed to the start for a 17km neutral ride led by the OPP.

Matt and I rode near the front and as we looked back it was quite a sight to see 260 ish riders two wide on a awesome country road. We had to stop once cause the a few people were falling off the pace. It was also the coldest morning, which saw a lot of people bundled up.

We staged quickly and were under way for the short 50km run into Haliburton forest base camp. I do have to say one person who was notably missing from the weekend was Kyle Fry. But he thought it would be more fun to stay home and jump over parking cones. Back to the race, the start was the hardest of the race with a 1 km climb up a gravel road with the leaders setting a high pace and everyone else hanging on as long as possible. As we turned onto the hydro cut I got the feeling a couple of the solo riders who had been finishing in front of us the first two days were a little tired, Dave Dermont, Parnel, Ingram were all showing signs of fatigue so I wanted to try and get away with Matt and have a good stage finish. I could also see the 4 lead solo riders and set out after them. I put a little time into them and kept the pressure up.

I got the smell of blood in the water and just went with it. I would check over my shoulder to make sure Matt was still there. When I did I would see a Norco jersey and was pleased with the pace Matt and I were riding. At the top of a climb I looked back and realized it wasn’t Matt and it was actually Norco solo rider Imad. Matt was at the back of the group of 4. When Matt and I got back together we settled into a high tempo and got back to riding our own race. The stage had some big climbs and along with them came some good decents. We played these safe even with my 800 gram unflatable tires I didn’t want to take any chances with flats as we were only 25 minutes up on second place who I know are strong riders. Ingram, dermont, both flatted early. Matt and I rode straight passed the first feed station and headed up a long climb. We were joined by "random dude" Basically after two days of seeing the same riders around us it was odd to see some new guy come out of nowhere. I would later find out it was Les Symmes the Senior expert provincial champ from mountainview cc. He quickly rode away from us. As the stage went on Matt and I started to have more fun just riding the awesome trails, and kinda let the stage just happen. Knowing we at least had the overall barring a big problem.

While on a long climb all we could here was yelling from behind, Matt informed me it was Mark Summers. Riding a fully rigid singlespeed, we quickly formulated a plan that involved Matt holding him down and me breaking his leg. He rode up to us on a gravel road section and just settled in behind. We hit the normac trail which we knew was the last section of trail before the finish. I stopped for a nature break, figuring with all the press at finish line, cnn, cbc, bbc, to name a few I wouldn’t be able to get away. We gathered up up Imad who also flatted and finished up together.

As the olympic single speed champion I have to give Summers mad props and fear that he will show up the worlds next year. I have to say I was more sad than relieved to finish. I had an awesome time, the whole experience was awesome. I couldn’t have gotten a better race partner Matt kept me positive the whole time and kept me pushing right to the line each day.
After an awesome BBQ and awards Starbuck and mom drove me back to buckwallow to pick up my car and I headed home. This morning I woke up and felt weird not getting dressed and heading out to a start line with over 250 other people for a day of pounding through mud bogs.

"Do you guys have any brake pads"

CTS day 2

Kandalore to Halibuton 85km

At the previous nights dinner Sean went over the course for the next day and promised it would be dryer which would be good cause there was a lot more ATV trail and less road than the first day.

It was the earliest start at 9 but we had to roll out of camp at 8:30 to ride to the start line which was at the same place we finished at on day one. After a quick call up of the top riders we headed out. We rode gravel road for about 1 km before turning left onto the "b" trail which was 14km of mud bog after mud bog after water crossing. We were riding on more exposed rock, which I guess was part of the Canadian shield, it definitely shielded the water from emptying out of the low points on the trail. We had a good start Matt and I got caught behind a couple guys and I was worried the second place team would sneak by so I put in a good effort to get into sight of all the leaders. Once I knew they were all solo guys I settled into a good solid pace with Matt.

I should have put this in the first days report but the Third place team was Bretton Matthew’s (whos like 15 or 16) Tomas Wood. The second place team was non other than the Long Sault Long shots. Paul Loughran and Mike Davidson. If you refer back to my 24 hour post back in august they were the team that we(BCC) battled with the entire race and lost by a hair on the last lap. And Paul was "my guy" that I was always chasing at the 24 hour. So I felt obligated to win it not only for Norco but for the BCC. We had 10 minutes after the first day so we wanted to at least hold onto that if not extend it.

Matt and I quickly formed into a group with Hamish Gordon, Terry Schinkel, and young rider Cory Hancock. This is basically what it was like, one guy leads and tries to find the best way through something and everyone else leaves a gap and waits to see if it was a good line, then depending on how the leader does tries a different line or follows. Sometimes you would make it through other times you would sink down to your waist. We caught up to the over 80 team as they were basicaly chest deep in water and mud never saw them again. Thinking back we should have stopped and pulled them out but they looked like good swimmers.

After an hour of that Cory, who was riding with a gps, gave us the bad news that we had only done 13 km. We all looked at each other as we did the math 85 divided by 13 = a long day of riding and we could only hope the course got faster. We stopped and refueled at the first feed station and found ourselves on a nice gravel road for a couple km which was nice before headed back into the rough stuff on our way to Minden.

Once we hit a hydro cut most of the bad stuff was behind us and the course became much more rideable. We gathered up Terry Vanden heuvel, who was starting fade a bit. I asked Cory if I wanted to know how far we had ridden and he quickly and firmly said no. I didn’t push and figured we’d get there when we got there. We came through Minden at about 3 hours in, which we knew was over halfway and it was a nice ride right through town, I was tempted to stop and try to find a nice coffee shop, but remembered it was a race. We came up to the second aid station which was 35 km to go. When we got there we found Imad who was riding with the lead solo guys for a while but kinda hit the wall and was chillin there. We did a pretty long climb out of the feed and I put the pressure on I really wanted to get to the rail trail. Which was the last section. A 19km slight uphill grade to Head lake park in Haliburton. I knew if I could get to that I could shut off my brain and just ride in. In the process we shed a couple riders and it was down to Matt, the two Terry’s, Cory and myself. We hit the rail trail and thanked our respective makers that we didn’t have to ride through anymore mud.

My endurance was once again tested as I really started to hit the wall in the last 5km of the rail trail. The Dutchman and Matt put in some hard pulls which shot me out the back and I had to fight my way back on. Matt noticed I was in trouble and pulled off the front and let Cory and Terry come through to sprint it out. As Matt pulled me in a couple seconds later. We were able to put on another 15 minutes into the 2nd place team which was nice.

A tough day for sure. A few people got pulled off the course for not making the time cuts. We loaded up on buses or a short ride to camp white pine for another amazing dinner and some very nice accomodations.

Quote of the day
"It will be a lot dryer than yesterday"

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Im going to split this up into three separate posts so that if I fall asleep mid report there is something to read.

First off there are two huge thanks I have to give to Norco Bicycles, and my riding partner Matt Paziuk for having me on the Team for this weekend. The bike, a Norco Faze, and the on site support was world class. And secondly to Adam and Sean Ruppel, Matt Douglas and the entire Chico racing crew including all the volunteers and helpers who made it an amazing three day adventure.

Buckwallow to Kandalore 75 km

I headed up to Buckwallow for the 10 am start with some time to spare to double check my bike and make sure everything was ready to go. I was anxiously awaiting the start. Before I left in the morning my mom even commented on my pacing and uneasiness the prior few days. After a pre-race meeting we all lined up, I think about 275 people. We started out at a nice easy pace for our loop of Buckwallow for 10km of nice rolly terrain and the last single track we’d see for a couple days. We dumped out onto the paved road and headed in a northeast direction on 16 km of mostly paved roads. A huge group formed near the front of the race the pace was raised a few times but nothing ever stuck, with MTB gears on fast paved roads nothing was going away.

After an hour of just rolling along we turned left into the first atv/snowmobile section. The race basically just shattered at this point. This is when the adventure started. I knew it was going to be wet, but oh man I have never seen anything like this. We were off our bikes every minute or two running around a bog. Or we would try to ride on the edge off one until your rear wheel would break loose and you would end up sideways. Sometimes you would try to ride them to discover it was wheel deep. It was a blast for the first hour then it quickly got old and I just wanted to ride my bike. Luckily there was plenty of gravel road sections in between these rugged atv trails. So there was plenty of time to regroup. Matt and I would use these sections to recover cause it took so much energy to run them we wanted to be good and fresh going in. At this point I wasn’t too sure if we were sitting in first in the team race or not. There was a two man team just behind us which we would find out later were in the over 80(combined age) category. But other than that we just tried to ride a good solid pace. We ended up catching up to a couple riders, Imad and Rob which turned into who could crack the best joke competition. This was around the time we were walking over a beaver damn between two big ponds.

At the second feed station we stopped and grabbed a bunch of food, and drink and carried on knowing we were getting close. Matt and I kept the pressure on and as we popped out onto a gravel road Sean Ruppel was there telling us it was 7 km on the road to the finish. This is about when I started to crack and Matt went to the front and rode us in to the finish. Kyle Douglas who was MC’ ing the event told us we were the first two person team so I was pretty stoked about that.

After the stage we had to keep riding to the Kandalore summer camp we were staying at. Kyle gave us some quick directions and said it was like 3-4 km. As we were riding I ran out of fluid, and started to shut down. As we quickly realized it was more like 6 km mostly uphill which finished with a categorized climb into camp.I really started to struggle. I threw it in the granny and almost had my head on my bar. I think Matt noticed I was hurting but didn’t want to say anything. At the end of the day we rode about 75km but only climbed 800 meters so not much climbing.

We grabbed our bags got cleaned up and mowed down on some food while we socialized and bragged along with other riders about how hard it was and how tough we are. Dinner was awesome, after awards we all settled in to our cabins, Matt, another guy and myself were in "the riddle" it was ummm well, rustic. Basically four plywood walls, and a plywood ceiling. But it was dry and clean so no worries. As I got into my sleeping bag I was pretty warm so I took off some clothes, but by the time 4 or 5 in the morning rolled around I was freezing and struggling to get some clothes back on.

Quote of the day
"And here come a couple riders finishing up."
Kyle Douglas announcing through a loud speaker with absolutely no one around for miles.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

less than 24 hours

Its the morning before the morning Matt Paziuk and I set out to win CTS. I'm just trying to get organized and ready to go. Im heading up to Buckwallow this afternoon, to get registered and pick up the bike im riding for the weekend. Hopefully ill be able to get a lap or two of the Buckwallow section of the course in. We can't register till 4 so it will be a late afternoon return home for the final packing, and then its to bed early for a early drive back up for the start at 10 am.

I can't really remember being this excited to start a race. The weather looks like it will be awesome for racing. Just under 20 and sunny.

Also i have a funny story, which really makes it easy to believe why the US is having huge financial problems and Canada isn't far behind. I walked into my bank just to get a form, and the nice teller says that i automatically qualify for a 20,000 dollar credit card, a 20,000 dollar line of credit, 3,500 dollar overdraft, and a Loan which she didn't say for how much. I almost started cracking up laughing. Without getting into my finances to much ill just say i shouldn't be able to get over 40,000 dollars in credit. When i said i wasn't interested she looked at me like i had two heads, or like "are you stupid? take it, its free money" kind of a look. I bet i could get a sub-prime mortgage on a half million dollar house if i said please. So if you think its bad in the states just wait.

"Luckily i'm diversified, i have 25% in Lehman brothers, 25% in Merill Lynch, 25% in AIG, and 25% in Little Shavers, its shaving supplies for toddlers"

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

a little stir crazy

Well im packing in the vacation a day early and getting back to training tommorow. I tried for 4 days off, but couldn't pull it off.

I just can't take another day of not riding, when its this nice out and the season isn't anywhere close to being over.

if your reading this Matt, you better get your carbs in, there will be some serious wattage put out next weekend.

Also my Beautiful Epic is up for sale fyi

"how many bikes should we lock up tonight?"

Monday, September 8, 2008

Mountain view?

Saturday night i headed to downtown Toronto to the 54th floor of the TD center and the Canoe Restaurant for my cousin Kyle's wedding. We made it just in time to be seated right beside an amazing view of the waterfront. It was a really nice wedding, though my idea of the perfect wedding is two tickets to vegas and and Elvis minister. After a nice gourmet meal, of a crazy salad and "B.C. Sablefish" which we later found out was Cod. We headed home but not after my Grandpa explained to the server that i was racing the next day so he was drinking for the both of us.

After the wedding on Saturday night I was a little tired and slept in to the best of my ability. I think I made it to 10:00 a.m. I was hoping for 11:00 with an 11:30 departure to head up to the hill. I woke up to pouring rain and checked the weather for Midland which showed 90% chance of rain.(I never learn) I ditched my dry wheels and went for a more aggressive tread. Sure enough when we arrived at 12:30 the rain stopped and the sun starting to come out. I was all registered so all I had to do was show up on the start line at 1:30. I did a little warm up and the legs still weren’t feeling much better. So I was pretty sure I was going to DNF. Since 1997 I have only once finished a provincial MTB race once without winning, which was a 4th in 98. Other than that it was a win or a technical DNF. So I was just wondering what would it be, flat? Chain? Pedal exlosion?

The race started out heading straight up the "mountain", it was a good way to start the race it sorted itself out pretty quick and we filed into the singletrack. Stu Alp lead the start up the hill and took the pressure of the rest of the field so I wasn’t thrown out the back right away and I rolled into the singletrack in around 10th. I was pretty comfortable there, I knew it was going to be a full length 2 plus hour race, not a 1:40 sprint race. So I was patient and tried to stay relaxed and see if my legs would follow. I was riding on KD’s wheel and Glassford came by so I jumped onto his wheel, knowing a nice steady pace would follow. KD jumped on my wheel with Ryan Atkins chasing up from behind on his Big Wheel. I was feeling good about being on Pete’s wheel until he forgot how to ride a bike for half a lap and started bouncing off every tree, before finally falling out of the way. I knew exactly what that’s like (I actually hold a patent on it) and knew Pete would snap out of it and ride back up in no time. Stu was still ahead of us and putting on some time until he crashed over some tape on a tricky left hand corner. Through the flat singletrack at the bottom I could hear Atkins rear hub (it puts out about 98 decibles of noise) coming up and soon enough he was on me. Before the last climb of the lap Atkins, KD and Pete came by me. I just held my pace steady and tried to stay with them. The last climb had some running in it, at least every time I hit it there were people off there bike in front so I’m not even sure if I could ride it. Near the top there was a switchback corner which I dismounted and ran every lap and each time either passed someone or put a good gap into them. This is where I got passed atkins and I was back with KD and Pete again.

Heading out to the second lap Pete put in a bit of a charge and left me and KD, at this point we were 6th and 7th. KD was really hurting me on the climbs so all I could do was hang with him and hope my legs would open up. About halfway through the second lap Pete was pretty much out of sight and it was. On the tricky climb I ran by KD when he had a second delay getting out of his pedal. (insert cyclocross joke here) and decided to put in an effort and see if I could put some daylight between us and test my legs. With a good run through the switchbacks and a solid first climb at the start of the third lap I managed to open up a gap and close down the Gap to Pete. At the top flat section I could see Pete and closed up to about 5 seconds of him which he determined about holding onto. It took me ¼ of a lap to close 25 seconds but another half lap to close the final 5 seconds. Again on the last climb of the lap I dismounted and had a good run through the switchback to open a gap.

Coming through heading out to the fourth of five laps I could see Adam Morka in 4th, and by the top of the first climb he bobbled and let my by and I was now in 4th place. I kept a good pace going but I could feel my legs starting to fatigue a bit. I found I was able to flow through everything really nicely and piece everything on the course together nicely which I really focused on so that I could recover and really be able to punch it on the two climbs on the lap. I was starting to catch some lapped riders but it wasn’t too bad the long course really helped to keep it down and I was able to slip by just about everyone.

Heading out on the last lap I was very happy that I only had 26 more minutes of pain to endure and I was done this xc season. I think that helped me push through. I passed Michael Joseph Garrigan early on the last lap and continued to ride smart and conserve my energy in the singletrack and push it on the climbs. I pushed it right to the line, which I don’t think I have done all year and finished a strong third. I was pretty happy that my last three laps were very consistent and that I didn’t DNF. My brother and Terri were able to make it out to watch which was nice.

Next up is a couple days off to make sure I’m good and rested to win Crank the Shield with Matt Paziuk in less than two weeks. This weekend I’m planning a couple long gravel road, rail trail, trail rides to make sure I’m comfortable riding off road for 4-5 hours.

"i cannot think of anything"

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mountain View?

Just got home from pre-riding mountain view, yes you heard right pre-ride. Since i had never ridden there before i figured it wise to do a couple laps. Scott and I drove and turned a few laps with some Arrow riders, it was good to ride with people that have ridden a few laps.

The course is great, im a little skeptical of all the tight uphill singletrack(greg reain woud be cursing it to no end), its challenging which is good but passing lapped riders should be interesting. But the lap is pretty fast and long enought to cut down on the lapping.

I'm off to a wedding this afternoon......though my mom is on the phone right now having a frantic conversation about it, so maybe its off.

Should be an interesting competition tommorow.

p.s. my epic is for sale and will be available for pickup in less than 48 hours.

"I give you 50 dollars and i can't get three zip ties"

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Black Sunday

Thats what i am calling this past sunday, when i completly exploded on a century ride I organized. I haven't had a ride like that in a couple years, actually the last time i blew like that i think was a few years ago riding home after visiting a certain bike shop in Keswick. But lucky for me there were some guys on the ride that helped me home. I guess me waiting all those times while other people blew up paid off in Karma points. Other than that it was a good ride. Only 5 people came out for the whole thing which is way down than previous years on the same ride. But good times were had by all that came out.

It was a rough day but i got home and ate as much as i could and hit the sack early. The plan for labour day monday was to head over to my brothers for dinner. Usually i would ride all the way over to Beaverton but i thought better and opted for a pickup near Orillia. Intini came with which was good because i didn't recover a hair from the day before. After 30 minutes i was back to the little ring with Kevin towing me out to the 14th.

I was wondering what the hell was going on so i called my coach who gave me a good pep talk and some advice, which i guess worked cause last night i felt a lot better not 100% but better. I was able to put in some good pulls a break the group apart.......well actually it was already broken but i was able to ride away from the pieces.

Today also went well i headed out to try out some new pave in Oro, it seems every week they are paving another road out there. I did the whole ride i planned on doing and made it home with energy to spare.

The rest of the day im going to be putting some gears back on my cross bike. Even though cross is a big question mark right now. But i figure i should have a bike ready to go if i race.

Tommorow is the club TT championship. Im heading out to it, but not sure how hard i will push it. Im pretty excited though there are rumours floating around of a certain young Espoir coming out to demolish the course. We'll see what happens.


Monday, August 25, 2008

24 hour Hot August nights

This past weekend I was down at Albion Hills for the 24 hour Hot August nights race, with a bunch of Barrie Cyclists, our team was appropriately called the BCC team. With a solid roster we had a solid shot for the win, so I was given team orders to not bring my single speed and bring my geared bike to squeeze every second out of the course. We had a team of 8 in the 6-10 corporate category. And on a short course we were pretty much all going to ride a hard 4 laps each.

I started for our team and felt pretty good, my legs were a bit heavy so I was just trying to stay in contact with DZ who started for his "expert" team, and was able to ride in with him…. After he waited for me to pick myself off the course when I crashed. We were quickly followed by Danny Souter riding for a KHS team and Stu Alp riding for the 5 person mixed Norco team which would go on to win.

I handed off to Don Gain who headed out to establish a good lead. After a couple laps we were sitting in 3rd behind A bike sports team, and "team Long Sault long shots". Before long I was sent out on my second lap at around 6:30 a few minutes out from the lead. I put in a solid sub 40 minute lap and brought the team back into first. As we headed into the night, The long shots and us would continue to battle and yo yo back and forth as we went through our 8 person roster’s. Actually we each had "a guy" that we would be out with on a lap each time. I called my guy the "Bicycles plus cannondale guy". Later I would find out he had a name, it was Paul.

I had some food and rested up for my third lap at around 12:45, I decided not to sleep before this lap cause I would probably wake up more tired so instead I opted for some late night coffee’s. At around midnight I got ready to head out for my single night lap, which is always a blast to ride. There is nothing more fun than blasting through the woods in the middle of night with a little light on your bike and 300 other people on the trail. When Dave Fabbro handed off to me we were sitting again a few minutes back. So I headed chasing my guy, and after a few near crashes in the night I passed him with a couple KM to and again we sitting on top. I handed off again to our team captain Don Gain and hit the hay. Actually I wish I had some hay, cause my air mattress had a big hole in it and I was pretty much sleeping on the ground.

When I woke up at around 6 (a.m.) I was a hurting unit, and didn’t want to get off the hard lumpy ground. But I pulled my self out of my tent and had some coffee and breakfast in preparation of my 4th and last lap (in the rotation we had planned) Through the night we had yo yo’d and were back in 2nd place. Fabbro handed off to me at around 7:25 ish and I was on my way again. I put in a solid 40:41( I think) which was followed by the quote of the weekend by Chris Wong, "I think you were like 40:66 or something like that" I wasn’t able to catch my guy again but I think I put some time into him.

I headed back to the campsite where Laurie Gain had a big plate of pancakes waiting for me which made me wonder cause I was like "my laps are done, why are you feeding me again?" With a full belly a couple of guys said they really wanted a jersey and said they were pulling out of the rotation, Don and I gave them our "team speeches" but to no avail, they wanted to win and packed there bikes up. We started to look at the numbers and we new it was going to be a tight race. I was going out between 11:15 and 11:20 which meant I would need to do at least a sub 45, to get our anchor and captain Don Gain out for a last lap. depending on how fast Fabbro was before me. With no time to calculate (I think I had 43 minutes, which I wasn’t really sure if I could do) I headed out 6 minutes behind my guy. Yes the other team changed their team around as well to maximize their lap times. With a fairly clear course which I new pretty well by now I was able to really open up my legs and get every second I could out of it. I had a few time checks out on the course so I new I was bettering my fastest lap. And by my watch I knew I would be able to get Don out again. In the last km I could see my guy and I knew I was going to be a showdown between the two teams, I made the pass with about 250 meters to go and handed off to Don after a 38:08 lap. As I spooled my legs down I saw an old 24 hour(like 1998 chico 24 hour old) teammate of mine nipping at Don’s heels, the Flying Dutchman, Terry Vanden heuvel.

So after 23 hours and 57 minutes the race was coming to a neck and neck dual between the strongmen of each team. Each team rode out to parts of the course to watch them. The were together every time we saw them on course. We headed back to the finish line and waited, after a long battle the Dutchman flew out of the woods in first with a good gap to Don. So we finished a solid 2nd place after the closest 24 hour I have ever been in. The team did awesome, we had the 2 fastest day laps. Fastest night lap. And had a blast doing it. After the race I was asked a bunch of times why I didn’t just do a second lap, at the time it wasn’t really discussed but I’m glad I didn’t cause after all it was a team event and I wasn’t the team……and I would have cracked like a weak egg under the pressure.

The Team was

Captain Don Gain
Dave Knox
Kevin Simms
Chris Wong
Mark Gray (granola)
Robb Meeuwse
Dave Fabbro
Andrew Watson

Support staff,
Laurie Gain (best pancakes ever)
Val and Jube Leonard
And all the wives and friends

Sunday, August 10, 2008

5 th gear

So im sitting here after eating a feast watching super troopers and thought I’d write up a little post buckwallow report. Well as promised and widely reported on facebook it was muddy. Compared to last weekend in bromont it wasn’t all that bad and 100% rideable so it was just going to be a slippery couple hours. I got to the site early to watch the 11:30 start and make sure I had a feeder all set up. After a few minutes of rain about an hour before the start I headed out for a warmup and get my game face on.

After the call up I think there was 6 people on the front line. With notable returns Matt McCartney and Kyle Fry. Not wanting to repeat my start from Boler I had a good jump and rode second wheel on Ryan Atkins wheel until he basically spun out riding his 1 x 9 setup. I took over the lead and rode a good pace until I found myself with a bit of a gap. I opended up 15-20 seconds on DZ where it stayed for the first three laps. By the end of the third he was on my wheel and proceded to pass me and head off into the distance. Leaving me to my own pace. I felt pretty good I definitely had my 5th gear working but I still need some work on number 6th. But im pretty sure it will come around in time for the olympics (single speed that is) I finished up in second place not far ahead of first year senior Jacob whos really finding his legs in senior.

Next up im going to ramp up the hours again and try to stay healthy in preparation for the Wednesday Night Single speed olympics which is going to be epic. Its on the DL so I can’t disclose the date and course publicly.

Im also looking forward to the Tuesday nighter this week ive missed the last three so im looking forward to riding with some regular Tuesday nighters.

"that was a wicked race, I made it onto the real podium"

Saturday, August 9, 2008

weekend update

Its been a little while since an update. Last Sunday I raced or attempted to race the Bromont world cup. After St Anne I tried to rest up and focus on getting healthy I cut my training back and felt that on Sunday in Bromont. I felt healthy but I had no 5th gear so to speak I rode a good solid pace which I could have held all day but couldn’t have gone any faster.
After that race I drove home thankfully I was able to pick up a hitchhiker so it wasn’t so bad a drive.

This past week I’ve been focusing on shorter more intense rides trying to get back some speed. This included the Thursday night TT out in Phelpston. The insane thing was that it was storming everywhere around us but not on us.

Tomorrow is the Buckwallow Ontario cup. Its been raining for the past couple days and on Wednesday the ground was pretty much saturated. The owner was saying how bad all the rain has been this summer on the trails. They’ve been doing a ton of trail maintenance trying to keep up but you can tell the trails have taken a beating this summer. The forecast is calling for sun tomorrow so the course will probably pretty clear of mud after all the early races. The rock faces will probably be a little slick so we’ll see how that goes.

Oh and finally I’m starting to feel a movie comeback. After the Dark Knight left me feeling all fuzzy inside (cause there was finally a good movie made, not that the movie itself left me feeling that way) I went and saw a film I was waiting longer for than any other, The X-files. This movie was far to long in the making. With the series leaving with to many unanswered questions for the fans, this was a film for those people. You could enjoy it without having ever seen the x-files but I think to truly understand the movie as intended you have to be a follower of the series. The movie is mostly about the relationship between Scully and Mulder, which I can tell you from watching the entire series on the rollers this winter, was needed. There love for each other…..k just go see it if you’re a fan. If not you’ll probably hate it. But it was excellent and exactly what was needed to please people like me.

"I can’t ride radical my bike won’t fit between the trees"

Monday, July 28, 2008

St Anne world cup 08

I knew it was going to be a rough day, waking up feeling a little better but not much.

I had a big breakfast and my usual coffee before heading up the hill to get ready for the start at 2 oclock. I secured a feeder and headed out to warm up. World cup starts are usually insane so a good warmup is pretty important. I had a decent callup about midpack, third row. And as usual the start was nuts guys riding like the start loop is the entire race. By the time i hit the first climb i was still in a good position. But the effort cost me and i could feel my body telling me to ease up or i'd never make it two laps. So by the second climb i set it on cruise control and just tried to ride steady. There were a few times i wanted to pull out and call it a day, but i knew i would eventually get pulled and would end up with some uci points so i stuck it out, and by my last two laps i started to feel ok. I managed to pass a few riders who were absolutley blown. I was pulled with a lap to go and ended up 37th.

I think i had the best race i could have had on the day, hopefully i can get healthy again before this sunday's world cup in Bromont.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

One Tank Challenge

St anne world cup day 0.

Firday i set out to head back to Mt St Anne for the first of two canadian world cups. Solo mission in the car so to make things interesting i wanted to see if i could make it here on one tank of gas 50 liters. I cheated a little bit and filled up in Cornwall for 120.0 which is practically free these days. After 950 km and 10 hours with stops i rolled in using 54 litres. So close. While driving i was getting a little congested but thought it was just the ac. But when i stated to settle in i realized i had the signature Andrew Watson post good race head cold. So i headed to the drug store to pick up my usual meds and got back and got to sleep early to get a good nights sleep.

Day 1(saturday 26th)

Today i woke up not to bad feeling a little better and after a little breakfast i headed up the hill to register, Since i would probably have to pay a 200 hundred dollar fine for not signing in i figured i'd pay the 70 and hope i feel ok for sunday. Since we can't ride the coures till noon, im back at the motel watching the final TT of the Tour.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


yeah i know, im sure your all dying to hear the nationals report, its been a busy couple days and i haven't had enough time to sit down and write it out.

I spent the day repacking to head back to st anne for the world cup this weekend with a short break to do a 35 km club tt, where i got set some new pr's for longer cp's so i think this weekend will go well.

oh......and I got to see the Dark Knight. Awesome, best film i've seen in theaters in years. writing acting, makeup......just go see it.

"THE Batman" f
For some reason they neve call him "Batman" its always "THE Batman"

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


So im back home from Nats at St Anne which went well, i ended up 4th which is PB for senior elite.

im int he process of a full review and writeup but its Mom's birthday today (first one im not missing in about 8 years)

but untill then here is a quotes compilation from the Project

"This is the Loop and this is me orbiting it and sometimes i cross through it"
LJ on being out of the loop

"Dude, your shirt is on inside out"
Chris Everist(2nd junior) comenting on my shirt at dinner

"I really hope that ...................... doesn't walk in"
Brendan Arnold(i can't actually write what he said)

"Do you need more water?"
guy watching me piss in a cup

"No i just need it quiet"

"Jane you missed a spot"
While Jane was cleaning her bike with a kleenex

full post shortly

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wow a full week since an update, oops. So a week In review is in order. Well I can’t really remember too much about Monday and Tuesday, I know I rode my bike. Which is pretty standard most days. Actually I don’t really remember Wednesday too well either. Thursday night I attempted to get a group of riders together for a training ride to work on paceline stuff and some sprints. I discovered its tough to do a paceline with only two riders. But we had a good ride and I got some more miles in. Friday was a longish 3.5 hours ride on some newly paved roads in oro. After a solid ride Friday I headed out for a 5 hour ride yesterday up to vasey line near coldwater and back along some quiet roads with some nice climbs.

Today I loaded up the Mazda and headed down to london for another round of the ocup series. I made good time and arrived at about 11:00 in time to watch the 11:30 races go off and hear what people had to say about the course. The most common word used was fast. I also used this time to secure a feeder. You know who you are. I got dressed up and spun around looking at what I could see from the side lines of the course. Cause if your caught on the course before the race Chico will make you ride with a full camelback on.

Off all the races to get a good position into the singletrack I have to miss my pedal on the line and almost get caught up in a massive crash. Once you hit the singletrack basically there is nowhere to pass until the lap/finish area, I went in in around 20th I was able to pass a couple guys but all I could do was bide my time until the course opened up a bit. Heading out onto the second lap I passed about 8 or 9 guys and headed out to catch Souter, Kinsie and Alp who I could see not far ahead. By the end of the second lap I was in fifth which is where I stayed until the line. With the short laps I was dreading the lapping but it was amazingly not bad at all. I think cause the course was so fast the speed differences weren’t as much. After a quick pit stop at Dairy Queen I headed back home and I’m currently watching the tour. Shhhhhhh don’t tell me who wins I don’t know yet.

Oh I haven’t done a film review on this blog, mainly cause the piss poor films that are coming out of hollywood don’t warrant any. But I recently saw a movie worth a mention. The only movie that I truly enjoyed since no country for old men. Hancock, now I know what your thinking but the trailers are only the first half of the movie. About halfway through there is a nice twist and movie takes on a whole new deeper meaning. I give it the Watson "Bump" beat you to it Colbert.

"Call me crazy one more time"

Monday, June 30, 2008

The Big one
The past weekend has been fairly productive training wise, Friday I headed out for a flat 100 km ride through angus then north towards wasaga before cutting back east through Phelpston south along Wilson back into town. It was a solid few hours solo just trying to get some form back.

Saturday was spent "cross training" in a pool, after a big Doane family reunion it was into a 30 foot wide pool with one double bed size air mattress, for a 3 hour battle royal to see who could claim the high ground. In the end it ended up being the young cousins who never seemed to get tired.

Sunday I awoke at 6:30 (a.m.) to get ready for the annual BCC (well second annual) ride around the lake. We headed north to Orillia first with a good-sized group of about 20. When we got to memorial drive a few riders turned back to Barrie for a shorter loop, 12 riders continued on through Orillia and around the lake, when we hit hwy 12 there was a small (well I didn’t actually see it) crash. But everyone was ok and we continued on into some dark menacing looking clouds. Riding into Beaverton we encountered a few drops of rain but nothing that made the roads wet. After a short rest stop we were on our way again heading south into Pefferlaw, where I made the first wrong turn of the day. But I stopped and asked a lady where to go, after criticizing us for not riding for charity she pointed us in the right direction over a small footbridge and back on course.
After Pefferlaw is when all the hills starting coming which after 100 km started to wear on riders and we had to back off the pace a fair bit. After a pit stop just west of Queensville we were heading around canal road, where I made my second wrong turn, when the real rain started to come down. Heading up the sixth of Bradford I could tell people were ancy to get home and the group started to splinter, the whole way up Huronia road we were riding in small groups. Once we crossed 89 and people knew where they were I think they just wanted to get home and put their heads down and rode in. It would have been nice to ride in together after 200km but I can understand folks wanted to (needed to) get home. The next time the club does an open club ride it should be the other way around so all the hills are encountered earlier on.
I hope to get around the lake either solo or in a small group in the next little while at a good clip on a slightly longer loop.

"Its like steering the back end of a fire truck"

Thursday, June 26, 2008

All singled out

The past two nights have had the similar them of racing with only one gear. Last night was the Wednesday night world single speed championships of the world. Before the race I went over all the bolts and pedals to make sure everything was good and tight. I didn’t want anything to go wrong like it did last year. The race started out well with 12 people contesting it this year up from about 5 or 6 from last year. I led into the single track and built a decent gap until about 11 minutes in my fracking (cheap, nashbar) crank let me down and ejected my pedal. I was once again left riding in with one leg. I finished last which in my pre race interview I said its first or last for me. I must congratulate Brendan Matheson for winning the 3rd annual worlds.

Today after a couple hours on my fixie, I thought it would be fitting to ride it in the BCC time trial. I put my biggest gear on I had a 44/16. It was a pretty good turnout with 12 riders out. I started out last and I quickly realized I should have asked to start in the middle somewhere cause I never saw another person until I finished up in 25:20(ish). It was a pure test of leg speed on the flat course, I was going as fast as I could but I was only riding at high endurance HR. I’m thinking I need to get a 14 for the back and or a bigger ring in the front….which would mean a new crankset or some jurry rigging. Ill figure it out.

"There drinking our Milkshake"
Jon Stewert

Sunday, June 22, 2008

K-W clssic 2008

After a couple weeks off i thought it was time to get back to racing. So i thought hey why not head down to the k-w classic road race in Kitchener. On saturday i arranged to get a ride down with Kyle Fry.

Kyle Picked me up at about 9:45 and we headed to starbucks, for our respective favourite gourmet drinks. And were pulled into a conversation with the (20 year)barista about her ex-boyfriend who used to race road bikes but his wife has confiscated his bike.

We stopped at hwy 9 and 400 to pick up Evan Mundy and while waiting for him we meet another young lady in need of a cell phone to call her (presumed boyfriend) who was 2 hours late picking her up. I told Kyle this was his chance but he insisted on getting to the race on time.

We arrived with planty of time, and we were able to watch the end of some earlier races. I ran into the Manitoba team(short Kylie of course) who were driving through on their way to Bromont and Beauce for nationals.

After everyone got kitted up the race started out at a good clip under sunny skies. The first few laps were full of small attacks. K, let me just clear one thing up...I wasn't exactly racing. I was more of what you would call a spectator today. I was geared up with my Sony DSLR and Kyle's wicked camcorder.

After a few laps the skies started to open up and rain came down. It was never a downpour but it was pretty steady for aover an hour. By the time i walked the course and arrived at the feed zone with about 10 laps to go to see if Kyle needed a botttle or two the rain had stopped. Andrew Randall trying to impress the BCC into offering him a contract for next year launched a solo attempt with about 8 laps to go and was able to hold off any chasers.

Kyle raced to an impressive 11th only halfway through his first senior 1/2 season.
"What are you doing here"
"what are you doing here"

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Today was the 3rd o-cup of the year at beautiful glen Eden ski hill. Before leaving for the race I checked the forecast and it was calling for thunderstorms, and 20 mm of rain so I prepared a set of wheels with my new tioga skinny’s on for the peanut butter that is kelso in the rain. The day was hot and humid, well over 30 and over 35 with the humidex. Putting my faith in the forecasters I threw on my mudder’s and I was quickly ridiculed to no end on the start line. But I rested comfortably in the knowledge the skies would open up and the course would get nice and slick.

I didn’t pre-ride and I was still a little unsure of my legs, lungs, brain etc. I started out conservatively and ended up just inside the top ten on Zach Winn’s wheel after he attacked up the climb. The first few tech sections were tricky going into them blind and backwards to the usual. On the last climb of the lap a gap opened up to the lead group and neither Zach or myself could respond. Zach then attempted a right hand turn and in true nascar style ran into the bushes and I moved ahead of him. That just about sums up the positioning for the race. I continued to ride finding my lines on the second lap and coming through about 20 seconds behind the chase group. On my third lap I put my head down and tried to close the gap. I was a few seconds faster but the gap stayed the same. I then settled down on the fourth lap, and just focused on riding a clean race.

Near the end of the lap I got up to a lapped rider and said rider up, but he was going at a good clip so I wasn’t in to much of a rush to get by him. Then out of nowhere he grabs two handfuls of brake and starts to turn left, then right. I had no time to react and rode straight into him. He rode ahead then pulled off and apologized after I made a slight sarcastic remark. Which I apologize for too. Not that he’s reading tthis but if he his. But at least I didn’t drop the f-bomb. The fifth lap I hit the kill switch and rode it in. I didn’t feel as bad as last weekend but I still have some recovery to do. Oh and it didn’t rain a drop…last time I get my weather from that site.
So I think its back to training hopefully by Tuesday or Wednesday.

"I think I’m going to need some duct tape after that"
Zach Winn